It is always good to have someone to talk to when we are stressed, anxious, upset.   

  • A chaplain can be there for you.

Chaplains listen, sometimes sharing relevant experiences, maybe offering advice.

What have people said about the chaplains?

One manager said about their chaplain that it’s great to have an external person to talk to about whatever might be on your mind. Its good for your staff as well. I have used their counselling services and would recommend the chaplaincy to anyone”.

Another manager commented that It was so nice to have someone coming in who was there to listen and not to criticise”.

One employee said on hearing about the chaplaincy “it is amazing that there are people who care enough to come and see us”. Another said I cannot thank my chaplain enough for listening to me over the years”.

Get in touch

Do you need help or to talk to someone?

We will use the email address you emailed us from

  • Tell us if you want to be telephoned or by reply email   
  • You can call the lead chaplain on 07450 737438
  • If there is a chaplain you want to talk to, tell us their name


Please be assured that no details of your telephone call or email will be known by anyone other than the chaplain receiving them nor passed onto any other person, without your express permission. You will receive an initial response within 48 hours of you submitting it.

Wycombe Workplace Chaplaincy