The chaplaincy

Wycombe Workplace Chaplaincy is a charity with trustees and the day to day work is led by the Leading Chaplain. It is linked in to the Workplace Chaplaincy Mission UK, which is a national body that provides support and advice to local chaplaincies such as us.

The chaplains

  • They are all volunteers and are trained to reflect on ethical and spiritual values in the workplace.
  • They are all members of local churches, but do not talk about their own faith unless asked.
  • They meet with people, offering to share their challenges, problems and even joys.
  • They model Jesus and it is quite likely that the chaplain is the closest contact a person will come to someone of faith, whether Christian or another.
  • It is a position of great privilege and requires considerable sensitivity.

What can you do?

  • If you want to partner with us why not pray for us? Find out more about our work from a chaplain or the leading chaplain.   
  • Could you be a chaplain? It is most rewarding. Chaplaincy takes time, so a long term commitment to the work is helpful. The ability to form relationships, being non-judgmental and trustworthy are essential to the successful carrying out of the work. A regular commitment of approximately two hours per week is suggested.

If you would like to know more about the chaplaincy, or the process to follow to become a chaplain, you can contact the leading chaplain using the following email form.


Wycombe Workplace Chaplaincy