Wycombe Workplace Chaplaincy – here since 2007 – as listening friends in our town

Who are we?

  • We are here to serve everyone shopping and working in High Wycombe
  • We are usually found in Eden, The Chilterns, and the market; but if you call we will come, wherever you are.
  • We are there for everyone, whatever your culture, faith or no faith
  • Chaplains are volunteers trained to listen, to care but not judge, and we always keep confidences.

Get in touch

Use the form on the next page Contact a Chaplain or call us on 07450 737438

A message from the Lead Chaplain:

Businesses recognise people as their most important asset. Good businesses invest significantly in the welfare of their employees, ensuring they are trained, resourced and motivated to do their job.

But work is only a part of any individual’s life. Workplace performance will always be influenced by what else is going on in a person’s life. When someone has questions they would like to talk about,  or at times when life seems overwhelming and a struggle, chaplains are there in the workplace to be a listening friend.

For more information about the chaplains, or if you want more information about being a chaplain, please see the page towards the end of this site.

Do keep in touch.

07450 737438


Wycombe Workplace Chaplaincy